What Our Clients Say About Us


Thank you so much for this. It is very inspiring, and it seems that you really tuned in with my inner feeling at this moment in time. I need to remember! And have trust! Thank you. I really liked the way you articulated the question in internal and external, that gave me a 360 degree vision of the whole situation. Also, I really appreciated that you broke down my initial question in two. That was really generous of you, and it allowed for more depth and detailed information. Thank you! Your reading was really accurate and in depth and helped me to remember to stay anchored in my own true while sailing the rough seas. It also helped me remembering to have faith.

I feel very fortunate that I had you to do my reading as you are such an insightful reader.

ElenaFormer Client

Your reading was very to the point and spot on. The follow up question made sense and your summary from those cards drawn really hit home and brought it into perspective. The clarity card with the summary tied it all up and it is very clear the message that I was to receive and try to follow. Thank you so much this is one of the most beneficial readings I have gotten, and it really does ring true to what I have already been feeling inside. Thank you so much.

JuleeFormer Client

Thank you for such a quick reading. I really like the professionalism and honesty with which you have delivered the reading. You have covered each of my question and have given detailed answer. This reading gives me hope that things can change for better. Looking forward to happier future… you will definitely achieve huge success in you tarot card reading.

Komal Former Client

Thank you for the reading and for attending to it so quickly. I really resonate with so much of what you are saying. The first part spoke to me in that I do feel like there is some internal conflict going on… I am driven to make changes where necessary to create the outcome that I want but sometimes I fall back into listening to the victimized voice of the ego and how it ‘just never works out for me’… So, this part of the reading was also a very big nudge for me.

Stepping away from the familiar and into new experiences is spot on… this inspired idea and potential opportunity …  is so exciting and something that I could still pull my passion for spirituality and authenticity into, whilst at the same time embarking on something completely new.

Finally, your message to have faith and release old ideas totally reinforces that I am still holding onto old patterns that are not serving me and it’s time to fully surrender to the knowing that I will be guided and supported when I believe and trust. I have taken a lot from this reading and would like to thank you very much for interpreting the cards in a way that relayed the message that I needed to hear.

SharonFormer Client

An absolutely amazing reading! I was impressed right when I realized that it’s a word document with pictures of the cards in it. I love how you structured the reading for my questions which I asked in a very scattered way. This is the first time that I found absolutely no flaws in the reading!

AadityaFormer Client

Oh, my thank you so much! Your reading was wonderful and so helpful, it gave an answer to my question. Thank you so much again for your time. You are great.

TamaruskaFormer Client

Thank you so much for your inspiring and informative reading… you are very intuitive and gifted tarot reader. Please share my testimony so that your gift can be source of healing and inspiration to others.

MSDFormer Client

I can’t thank you enough for such a powerful and beautiful reading. This was exactly what I was looking for in both depth and guidance. I appreciate you taking the time to consult the cards on each question and tie everything together with the final draw of the sun card. This has helped solidfy me more on my path and I thank you for sharing your reading with me.

KatFormer Client

Marlene, you gave me such an amazing and insightful reading. The reading touched more than my heart. It touched my soul. You touch upon a subject that definitely confirmed what it is I am supposed to do. Your reading was very clear and easy to comprehend. For those in need of guidance, you will most certainly help guide them to be the better version of them self.

ShairaFormer Client

Hi, Marlene! I am literally blown away by this reading!! Every card and your interpretations feel right. You rock!
Love and light.

BrendaFormer Client