Turbans and Tarot

The conversation went something like this:

She:  What is it you do?

Me: I read tarot cards

She: Oh. Do you wear a turban and have a crystal ball?

Me: No I don’t. What you are thinking of is a psychic or a medium.

She: Isn’t that the same thing?

Me: Not necessarily. Some tarot readers are psychic, and some are probably mediums. I’m not either of those. I just read the tarot cards.

She: But don’t you have to be psychic and “feel the vibe” to know what the cards are telling you?

Me: No. The cards are pieces of paper with symbols on them. The symbols are universal, and we can all tap into that if we have been trained to know their meanings. Beyond that a tarot reader can use her intuition to understand how the card applies to the question being asked.

She: Oh. Okay. Can you show me how it works?

Me: Sure.

And I did, we did a short 3 card reading and when it was over she was sitting across from me with her eyes really wide open and a stunned look on her face.

She: That is exactly what is going on in my life. How did you know?

Me: The cards told me.

She: That’s amazing. Can we do it again soon?

Me: Of course, I’d love to.

She: Great. But could you wear a turban?

Me: Sorry, but I don’t own one.

She: I kind of miss it.

Newness is in the Cards

The Ace of Cups promises only good in a new venture, a new business, or a new relationship. It tells us that the past is past, over, forgiven and (if important) forgotten. It signifies that a new adventure awaits; a new adventure filled with promise and blessed by the powers that be.

In general, the suit of Cups is all about emotions, intuition, creativity, and relationships so, if you are wondering if he/she is the one, when this card shows up in a reading it is telling you to listen to your intuition and if it says “go”, jump into the water and find out for yourself.


Here’s the deal about Aces, they promise, they present options, they open doors, and they challenge us because it is up to you to take them up on the promise, to choose the option, to walk through the open door. They won’t do the work for you. The Ace is a gift from the Universe. It presents you with a golden opportunity, but It is your job to do the follow-through or it won’t happen.


Consider this card as an invitation to listen to your intuition, to express your creativity, your emotions, and your uniqueness. It recognizes the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind and opens the door for creativity to flow.


The Ace of Cups encourages you to let your intuition be your guide; to trust your inner wisdom.


Newness! It’s in the cards.