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About Tarot

About Tarot and How it Works

The tarot is, at first glance, simply a deck of 78 cards upon which are numbers and pictures that represent the path of human experience.

In its current form, the tarot has been in existence since the 15th Century, but numerous legends abound concerning its source. Some say that tarot was brought by gypsies to Europe. Others believe the cards were a Sufi teaching tool.  And it is said that the symbols on the cards originated in a holy book written by Egyptian priests. The writings of these ancient Egyptians held long-forgotten insights into human experience. Some believe that the first decks borrowed their imagery from the Book of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, which was engraved onto plates of gold for eternity.

More modern interpretations connect the 22 tarot trump cards to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and Jewish mysticism. There are also correlations to astrology and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Regardless of its historical roots the tarot symbols tell a story about the collective consciousness of humanity and reveal patterns that effect the past, present and future of the individual who comes to them with questions. A trained and intuitive reader is able to interpret these symbols and draw from them the wisdom, the truth and the guidance that is contained in the collective consciousness and revealed through the cards.

How a Reading is Done

A tarot reader shuffles the cards, places them face down, and uses her intuition to decide which of the cards will be used in the “spread”, the layout pattern of the chosen cards. The cards are then “read” by interpreting the individual cards as well as the position of that card in relation to the other cards in the spread.

How a Reading Works

The cards reveal subconscious patterns that are hidden in the mind and life of the client. They also reveal possible situations and outcomes based on those patterns. Occasionally a symbol may appear to be negative, but an experienced reader will direct the client to use the information the card reveals to make positive choices and decisions and to take action that will create more desirable outcome.

What to Expect When You Order a Tarot Reading

Within a week from the time you submit your question or within 24 hours if you have placed an expedited request, you will receive a written report of your tarot reading which will contain images of the cards drawn and the interpretation of the individual cards as well as an interpretation of how the cards interrelate, and the decisions and/or actions they suggest. A summary of the reading is always provided.